Ep 139 – This Badass is BACK home! Successfully Recalibrated my Mental health!

Ep 138 – A B.A.D.A.S.S. Knows When To QUIT!!

Ep 137 – You Are Like a Radio Station; Let’s Recalibrate Your Signal!

Ep 136 – Let the Recalibrating Your Successful Badassery Begin!

Ep 135 – Are You Ready to Recalibrate your Badassery?

Ep 134 – A B.A.D.A.S.S. Transformation is coming!

Ep 133 – A B.A.D.A.S.S. is Mindful, Compassionate and has a Plan!

Ep 132 How to be B.A.D.A.S.S. in Uncertain Times

Ep 131 – Grief, Leadership and Music for Mental Health

Ep 130 What is the Answer to Leadership Today?

Ep 129 How Do Leaders Energize Your People these days?

Ep 128 BADASS Leadership and Mental Health Thru March

Ep 127- It’s 22222! Badasses are flexible and nimble in leadership!

Ep 126 – B.A.D.A.S.S. Leadership and Workplace Mental Health

Ep 125 – Badasses Practice Work-Life Balance with Badass Habits

Ep 124 Mustang Monday with Diane Strand of JDS Studios – Passion for what you do!

Ep 123 – Mental Health Matters! There’s No Sniveling in Badassery!

Ep 122 – Mustang Monday with Nichole Albrecht-Single mom’s are BADASS!

Ep 121 – Badass Macrame Masterpiece and Mastering your Mindset!

Badasses are AWARE of their emotions! Be COOL to your SCHOOL people.

Ep 119 Mustang Monday w/ 100 Women Who Care – Tracy Steffen

Ep 118 – New Years Resolution Delayed? Stay the Course!

Ep 117 – The Mustang is Back! Rediscover Your Badass Self today!

Ep 116 Happy New Year 2022 Badass!

Ep 115 Holiday Road Trip and Badass Experiences

Ep 114 – Flip the Format on Your Radio Station!

Ep 113 – The Holiday Blues have arrived! Let’s kick it together.

Ep 112 – Happy Thanksgiving Badass!

Ep. 111 – Are you AWARE of your Badassery?

Ep 110 – Badass AWARENESS of Military Field of Honor

Ep 109 Successful Badassery – A is for AWARENESS

Ep 108 Podcast for Successful Badassery – D is for DECIDE

Ep 107 Badassery Podcast – D in B.A.D.A.S.S.

Ep 106 – Wednesday Wisdom and Mustang Mishaps

Ep 105 Mustang Monday with Bruce Parker- What are your symptoms?

Ep. 104 – Fruitful Friday and Fall Weekend Vibes!

Ep 103 – Wednesday Wisdom – The D in B.A.D.A.S.S. is DECIDE – let’s review our year

Ep 102 – Wednesday Wisdom – It’s my Birthday Episode!

Ep 101 – Mustang Monday with Christa Hoag – Listen Up Badasses!

Ep 100 – Fruitful Friday! TGIF! Digest some Extraordinary Fruitfulness

Ep 99 – Wednesday Wisdom – Grace, Consistency and Improve Your Communication Skills

Ep 98 Mustang Monday – Teri Sue Parker; Stay True to Yourself!

Ep. 97 – How can you find contentment in all this chaos?

Ep 96 – Wednesday Wisdom; Leadership skills from being in sync.

Ep 95 – Fruitful Friday! Self-Care, Balance and Awareness for weekend vibes

Ep 94 – Wednesday Wisdom – Attitude, Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Bon Jovi

Ep 93 Mustang Monday with Julie Ngo – Passion, Self-Care and Shoes!

Ep 92 Fruitful Friday – Self Care, Self Respect and Following your Mission

Ep 91 Wednesday Wisdom- Grief, Shame and the importance of Self Care

Ep 90 Mustang Monday – Regina Casini says Fake it Till You Make It!

Ep 89 Fruitful Friday – Stress, Burnout and Hearing Voices!

Ep 88 Wednesday Wisdom – It’s Yesterday Once More so BE Yourself!

Ep 87 Mustang Monday – Laura Lawrence says laughter is the best medicine!

Ep 86 Fruitful Friday – Authentic and Raw about my aging parents

Ep 84 Mustang Monday; Michele Brewer says “Suck It Up Buttercup’!

Ep 83 Fruitful Friday – Living up to Expectations, Hope and Weekend Vibes

Ep 82 Wednesday Wisdom-Be Yourself and Share Joy to improve your life!

Ep 81 Mustang Monday; Kim Gerrish says Be Yourself!

Ep 80 Fruitful Friday- How to build a happy team with music and hope

Ep 79 Wednesday Wisdom- How to Be Yourself and The New Work Culture

Ep 78 Mustang Monday; Jennifer Smith says; Volunteer to get more out of life!

Ep 77 Fruitful Friday- How Music Improves Mental Health

Ep 76 Wednesday Wisdom – How To Develop a Growth Mindset

Ep 75 Mustang Monday; Jennifer Evans says, Fill Your Tank!

Ep 74 Fruitful Friday – Yes to New Friends and Music to improve mindset

Ep 73 Wednesday Wisdom – Emotional Intelligence and Successful Badassery

Ep 72 Mustang Monday w/ Mr. Bojangles and Yano – Be Selfish!

Ep 71 Fruitful Friday – Patience, Adventure and Weekend Vibes

Ep 70 Wednesday Wisdom- Lessons in Discipline and tales from Texas

Ep 69 Badass Financial Tips for Mustang Monday!

Ep 68 – Fruitful Friday – Love is the Answer-Listen to your heart

Ep 67 Wednesday Wisdom – Grief and a Success Mindset – How do you cope?

Ep 66 – Mustang Monday with Joe Von G and Yes to Prosperity!

Ep 65 Fruitful Friday – Successful Badassery is the 2nd S in B.A.D.A.S.S.

Ep 64 Wednesday Wisdom – The Comeback is Stronger than the Setback!

Ep 63 Mustang Monday – Constantly Seek Guidance as you navigate change

Ep 62 Fruitful Friday- What do you FEAR? Get out of your comfort zone!

Ep 61 – Wednesday Wisdom with Tips for getting social again!

Ep 60 Mustang Monday – Badass Marketing and Networking Tips

Ep 59 – Fruitful Friday weekend vibes and my little adventure with Dad

Ep 58 – Wednesday Wisdom borrowed from Anthony Hopkins

Ep 57 Mustang Monday with School District Superintendent!

Ep 56 Fruitful Friday – Treat Yourself this weekend!

Ep 55 – Wed Wisdom- S in B.A.D.A.S.S. is for Stay the Course!

Ep 54 Mustang Monday- Two Certified Badasses hop in the seat!

Ep 53 – Fruitful Friday and Weekend Vibes

Ep 52 Wednesday Wisdom is BACK!

Ep 51- Wednesday Wisdom-MINDFULNESS Skills and Drills

Ep 50 – Mustang Monday – Meet my Granberry Girls!

Ep 49 – Fruitful Friday – Beware of Your Strengths!

Ep 48 – Wednesday Wisdom- Get Control of Yourself!

Ep 47- Mustang Monday; Badass Tips for AWARENESS

Ep 46 – Fruitful Friday and Weekend Vibes for AWARENESS and your Badass Soundtrack!

Ep 45 Wed Wisdom – 2nd A in B.A.D.A.S.S. is AWARENESS

Ep 44; Mustang Monday; Raising Teens with Awareness is Badass!

Ep 43; Fruitful Friday AWARENESS and Apples of Wisdom

Ep 42 Wednesday Wisdom; Circle of Friends and Seasons of Growth

Mustang Monday; Animals, Kids and Dance In Your Pants!

Ep 40 – Fruitful Friday and Reflections From Sedona for Weekend Vibes!

Ep 39 – Wednesday Wisdom; Badass Leadership Summit Wrap Up!

Ep 38 – Mustang Monday; Badass Leadership Summit is wrapping up!

Ep 37 – Fruitful Friday on Leadership and Apples of Wisdom!

Ep 36 – Leadership and Ethics in Life along with Badass Soundtrack!

Ep 35 – Mustang Monday; Badass Leadership Tips From the Street!

Ep 34 – Fruitful Friday with Leadership Apples of Wisdom and Weekend Vibes

Ep 33 – Wednesday Wisdom; the D in BADASS is to DECIDE!

Ep. 32 – Mustang Monday; Badass Leadership Tips

Ep 31- Fruitful Friday; Don’t take yourself too seriously is important to Leadership

Ep 30 – Badass Leadership Summit; D in Badass Stands for DECIDE

Badass Leadership Summit; Making you LOVE Mondays!

Ep 28 – It’s a Badass Leadership Summit on Fruitful Friday

Ep 27 – Badass Leadership Summit! Wednesday Wisdom is for D in B.A.D.A.S.S.

Ep 26 – LOVE Monday with Mustang Monday and Badass Tips From The Street!

Ep 25 – How’s Your Attitude on Fruitful Friday?

Ep 24 -Flip the Format on Negativity! Attitude is Everything on Wednesday Wisdom

Ep 23 – Mustang Monday; The Importance of Ongoing Business Development

Ep. 22 – Attitude is Everything for your weekend vibe on Fruitful Friday!

Ep. 21- Drive out your Fears by Focusing on the Positive for Wednesday Wisdom!

Ep. 20 – Mustang Monday; When it’s time to fire a customer!

Ep 19 – Fruitful Friday and Weekend Vibes for Successful Badassery

Ep 18- Wednesday Wisdom; Use Music to Access Happy Memories

Ep 17- Mustang Monday; Goals are important for Successful Badassery!

Ep 16-Fruitful Friday – National HEART Month

Ep 15- How Music Can Change Your Attitude – Wednesday Wisdom

Ep 14 – How to Successfully Navigate Your Way Through Crisis with Mustang Monday

Ep. 13 – Fruitful Friday’s Apples of Wisdom and Weekend Vibes

Ep 12-Wednesday Wisdom- B is for BE Yourself!

Ep. 11- Mustang Monday; Mental Health Double Take and Integrity in business

Ep 10: Fruitful Friday! How Nostalgia Boosts Your Mood

Ep. 9 Wednesday Wisdom – Your Attitude Determines Your Success!

Ep 8: Mustang Monday; Badass Tips From the Street!

Ep. 7 -Fruitful Friday and Badass Weekend Vibes

Episode 6: B.A.D.A.S.S. Wednesday Wisdom

Episode 5: Mustang Monday; Time Management, Stress and silver linings

Episode 4: Fruitful Friday! Bite sized Morsels of Wisdom

Episode 3 – Wednesday Wisdom is B.A.D.A.S.S.

Episode 2 – Mustang Monday; Badass Tips From the Street

Episode 1 – What to Expect from a Badassery Podcast

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