Kelly Orchard, I Certify BadAsses!
Your Attitude Determines Your Success!

What are the biggest problems confronting your business today? Cutbacks and tension? Negativity and conflicting personalities? Turnover, difficulty finding the right people and training them? Don’t these all result in the fear of failure – not just for you but also for your employees?

What you and your team needs is someone to help them overcome the fear of failure. When they learn how to confront their fears and turn them into strengths, they will be able to step into their badass selves!

This is where Kelly comes in. She has 38 years of business experience including sales, operations, management, ownership, and consulting. In addition, Kelly is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, stress, and other behavioral health issues that are so prevalent in today’s business environments. She offers a blend of accessible training and tools that promote personal growth and well-being, simultaneously helping your team actually work together like a team.

Fear Is the #1 Obstacle to Success

           What are you afraid of? 

       Fear of failure is like a format.

We need to flip the format on the fear of failure.

       And that means an attitude adjustment!

  You and your employees can be “licensed to be badass”! 

Flipping the format on the Fear of Failure is designed to be fun and memorable, with actionable solutions your team can use right away. So let’s get licensed!



Licensed 2B BADASS: Flipping the Format on the Fear of Failure 

Each of Kelly’s presentations is fully customizable to your organization’s specific needs, and can be presented as a keynote session, breakout session, half- or full-day training, or multi-session coaching agreement.

“When you grow emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, it permeates every aspect of your life – your relationships, success at work, sense of fulfillment – your happiness.” Kelly Orchard

Why Kelly?

I've actually worked in organizations as an owner, manager, employee. I did it backwards but learned all I needed to know - at the time. Organizational Leadership training alerted me to methods. Psychology education taught me how individuals think and behave. Social Science taught me how people behave in groups. Bankruptcy, financial failures, divorce, single parenthood, health crisis, deaths in family. Public tragedies and crises. Fully exposed. I was not permitted to hide through it. Thank God it was only Victorville.

I've overcome and rebuilt after multiple business and personal crises. I know what it takes to get up and grow through crisis, tragedy and discomfort....

I have an uncanny ability to cut through the layers of agendas and motives and get to the real issues. I can take a complex situation and find simple solutions

What's your pain?

  • Fear of growing old and alone?
  • Shame of unexpected divorce?
  • Regrets you chose your career over your family.
  • Addiction to food, alcohol, pain killers, sleeping pills?

Looking for ways to better your life? Most of us are looking for tools we can use today for our life to improve. We don't want to wait! We want it now!

I'm a solutionist. I provide clarity and confidence to my clients in a very uncertain world.

Results oriented:

  • Personal Development
  • Accessing your authenticity
  • Focus on your self-care
  • Improve relationships
  • Professional Development
  • Perfection your goals
  • Mastering your mindset
  • Accountability

You are unique and different, like a leaf on a tree. But we are all of similar goals: Growth How we get there will vary depending on our values, skills, personality, geographic location and calling. It all depends on what season we are in.



1. You want an expert who understands the challenges of today’s business climate.  

It would be easy for someone to come in and attempt to show your team how to overcome their issues with negativity, lack of teamwork, communication, and stress, but unless the person has experience in every level of business—sales, operations, management, ownership, and consulting— they won’t speak your language. And they are not likely to understand the deep level of anxiety and depression that can result from the turmoil so common in today’s business environments.

With over 38 years of business experience, Kelly knows that the core problem in most businesses is fear. Kelly will teach you and your team how to confront fears and turn them into strengths. Treating your team as individuals as well as a whole, she will change an attitude of negativity into a culture of positivity.

Kelly is also an experienced psychotherapist, and will incorporate the latest cognitive behavioral therapies that apply to both professional and personal life.


2.  You want the right solution to your problems, and you want it now!  

The turmoil due to challenges such as downsizing, consolidation, acquisitions, and the need to strike a balance between work and family life, can shake confidence to its core. These challenges also cause conflicts, friction, and tension in your team. People are afraid to take risks. Afraid to speak up. Afraid of getting fired or not promoted. Afraid to stay. Afraid to go.

You need the insights of someone who knows the hurdles and challenges in today’s business climate.

“Kelly is one of those rare people who can think big and still see the details required to make big things happen. She brings a contagious positivity to the projects she works on. If you want energy, she has it. Ideas, she's got them. Success, she will deliver it.” 

Ginger Ontiveros, Executive Director Community Engagement, San Bernardino City Unified School District 


 3. You want to hire someone who brings a fresh perspective.  

The traditional methods of building teamwork in your organization aren’t working anymore. If they were, you wouldn’t have a problem!

In order to succeed, you must believe you can succeed, because belief determines behaviors. As a psychotherapist, Kelly stays up-to-date with the latest developments in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mastering a positive mindset, bringing that knowledge and insight to your situation.

 “Kelly is a bright talent with a vast knowledge base from all sides of business.  She is able to tackle problems in a way that is both positive and memorable.”

Tracy T. Gilliam, Senior Vice President Sales, Futuri Media


4. Most business climates need an attitude adjustment, and Kelly is the one who can make that happen! 

Kelly will begin by learning as much about your company as she can, and then apply principles already in action while integrating them with a fresh perspective and actionable solutions. As she works with you, she is able to change course as needed to meet the immediate need.

Kelly maintains ongoing support for your group by providing access to her books, digital programs, webinars, Masterminds, and consulting. Whatever method suits your company, she has the right tools to achieve the greatest results.

“Meeting with Kelly for the first time was like reconnecting with an old friend. Interestingly enough, watching her on stage the next day, she projected that same connection with a ballroom full of women. She was naturally engaging, funny, confident, and endearing. I’d recommend leaning in and having a conversation with this dynamic woman!” 

Dolores Sanchez Badillo, Speaker Chair, San Jacinto Valley Women’s Conference  


 5. You want someone who is able to flip the fears that destroy creativity and innovation.  

Along with being fun and easy to work with, Kelly’s special skills in the field of mental and behavioral health will help your team learn to work well together, thus reducing the high rate of turnover that is typical in many businesses today. She will help you hire the right people and train them right. What she offers is fresh, not the same-old sales training and vanilla leadership, as she helps to inspire new ideas and solutions among your team members. As Kelly puts it, “Attitude determines success. A positive, energetic, “badass” attitude is contagious! You and your people need to be licensed to be badass.”


6.  You need a program/presentation that will have a direct impact on your team.  

Your investment in Kelly will pay off immediately! Kelly’s program is easy-to follow, lively, and interactive. Most importantly, it will be customized for your company, market, and department. Kelly has a proven track record of driving positive change within teams, organizations and individuals.


Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Confident. Be Badass.

What exactly is today’s definition of badass? Confident, positive, has been through the storms of life and has weathered those storms. A BadAss is someone who doesn’t give up and learns from their failures. So, basically … someone like me; someone like you. I developed the Licensed2BBadAss program to provide just the attitude adjustment one needs to flip the format on your fears and pull yourself out of a slump when the inevitable obstacles come your way. It begins with my BadAss Certification Class – I combine and blend cognitive behavioral methods, which are proven successful and implement the latest research and information found in neuroscience, and teach how and why we can use music – the soundtrack of our lives – to tap into positive memories, the one's that remind you how badass you already are, that improves our mood and develops clarity, renewed focus and fresh ideas.

Your attitude determines your success!

Your choices are designing your life. Consider the emotional response; BadAss imparts a deliberate first impression. Most people respond: "I want to be a Certified Badass!" But being the leader in this tumultuous time can take its toll. There is so much negativity and poor attitudes, and that has a negative impact on your productivity, purpose, passion and performance. Bad attitudes create bad results, or no results. Negative attitudes cause you to fall backwards; fail. Tired of incompetence, apathy, poor attitudes, people not doing their job? It’s time to stop talking about the problems ... its time to solve them. Negative talk/thinking about the problems isn't the solution. We need more emphasis on training, education and wellness to cope with disruption. Healthy teams = Healthy business. That’s badass!

I’m serious about the business of seeing lives change. Positive Psychology changes everything.

I provide you with simple tools to grow your purpose, grow your relationships, grow your success! Success = Invest in your team! Negativity and bad attitudes are costing you money, time, and peace – resulting in stress and anxiety. Stop the madness! I choreograph FUN while implementing tools you can use right now, and continue to use to flip the format on negativity. I bring a little sanity and kindness in a world where positivity, confidence and compassion are in short supply. I have learned to navigate the rough waters of life and I’ve gained mad skills in business. A force to be reckoned with. And I empower you to be that way too..... I altered my own destiny and designed the life I wanted. Am I finished? Not by a long shot- I feel I still have more to accomplish, more to dream, more to create. Do you feel the same? We’re going to flip the way we think about fear.