Mental Health is THE most important aspect in the workplace. How can you help yourself and your team manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief… when therapists are fully booked? A B.A.D.A.S.S. toolkit will provide you with just the positive attitude adjustment you need. Start with my Badass Habits, and get your Licensed2BBadass sticker to remind you just how Badass you are! Get first dibs on Licensed2BBadass merch! Links are below

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Kelly Orchard (Badass Certifier)

I've actually worked in organizations as an owner, manager, employee. I did it backwards but learned all I needed to know - at the time. Organizational Leadership training alerted me to methods. Psychology education taught me how individuals think and behave. Social Science taught me how people behave in groups. Bankruptcy, financial failures, divorce, single parenthood, health crisis, deaths in family. Public tragedies and crises. Fully exposed. I was not permitted to hide through it. Thank God it was only Victorville. I've overcome and rebuilt after multiple business and personal crises. I know what it takes to get up and grow through crisis, tragedy and discomfort.... I have an uncanny ability to cut through the layers of agendas and motives and get to the real issues. I can take a complex situation and find simple solutions.

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