“Kelly and I have worked together on panels at radio conferences and on educational webinars. I can always count on her to put together excellent research and present it in a professional and engaging manner. More to the point, as anyone who has ever had to arrange and organize a speaker knows, the ‘unknowns’ can be a bit trying. Kelly stays in close contact, asks excellent questions, sends her slides and presentations early, checks in along the way, shows up on time, and goes with the flow as events roll out. Kelly is quick on her feet, a lot of fun, and I look forward to working with her many times in the future.”

Brandeis Hall, Vice President of Professional Development, Radio Advertising Bureau



BadAss Certification Class Graduates

"I learned to focus on what's POSITIVE in your life, how to realign your thoughts and ATTITUDE for a positive OUTCOME. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS!"

Laurel Miller - Business Owner, Glass Doctor

"Kelly's BadAss Certification Class is an excellent way to pull yourself out of a slump when the inevitable ups and downs of being a business owner come; to keep the momentum going when you're looking for fresh focus and inspiration."

Sherry Powers - Realtor