“Kelly is a one of those rare people who can think big and still see the details required to make big things happen. She brings a contagious positivity to the projects she works on. If you want energy, she has it. Ideas, she’s got them. Success, she will deliver it.”

Ginger Ontiveros, Executive Director, Victor Valley College Foundation


“When I met Kelly for the first time, I was most impressed by her years of business success and tenacity to overcome tremendous obstacles. I appreciate and applaud the concept of digesting an “Apple A Day.” Kelly’s books are like daily mental yoga for wisdom and success. I highly recommend Kelly as a motivational speaker and coach for those pursuing personal and professional growth. She is wise and engaging … the Real Deal!” 

Kay Olin, President – Olin and Associates


“For nearly two decades, Kelly Orchard has been great support through my professional and personal transitions. When it comes to understanding complexities and challenges of finding work-life balance while reinventing oneself, her experience and wisdom are great guides for personal development. What Kelly teaches is to be open to opportunity in all aspects of life. There are practical tools in each season of Apple A Day to leave the comfort zone and create true change.”

Stephanie Medina, Director, Community Relations & Public Affairs, Goodwill Southern California.


Here’s what is being said about the BadAss Certification Class:

"I learned to focus on what's POSITIVE in your life and how to realign your thoughts and ATTITUDE for a positive outcome.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND this class!"

Laurel Miller - Business Owner, Glass Doctor

"Kelly's BadAss Certification Class is an excellent way to pull yourself out of a slump when the inevitable ups and downs of being a business owner come, or to keep the momentum going when you're looking for fresh focus and inspiration."

Sherry Powers, Realtor


"Attending with like-minded people reinforced my need for community and camaraderie."

Dr. Robert Totman - Veterinarian

"This was a very unique and fun way to get in touch with all that makes me badass!"

Deb Ringler - Business Owner

"Be ready to be inspired!"

Lizz Companion - Retired

"If you're trying to stay positive and motivated you need to attend this class!"

Cyndi Lemke - Marketing Realtor

"Kelly is a breath of fresh air! She is so empowering and inspiring! She brings such clarity to life and really makes you feel you can DO IT!" 

Joan Totman - Veterinary Practice Manager

"Great idea for a class - it was informative, fun and motivating!"

Raven Hilden - Founder/CEO Valley Resource Center (non-profit)

"I learned how to implement BadAss qualities to all aspects of my life."

Jill Cobb - Business Owner

"I learned to keep positive during negative times with tools to control my thoughts."

Patricia Eggers - Retired/Antique Dealer

"Kelly taught me how important music is for my behavioral therapy and mindset."

Jorri Caldwell - Insurance Broker

"Thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories in my life. Kelly is truly badass, and now so am I!"

Kim Beech - Retired

"I loved Kelly's stories and her positivity. Her program has reintroduced music in my life."

Elisa DeCristo - Photographer

"Kelly is fun, positive and full of energy!"

Brandee Proctor - Homemaker

"Everyone should attend!"

Nancy Wegner - Retired


The “Power of No” workshop group.

“I greatly enjoyed Kelly’s teaching on the “Power of No” at the Temecula Chamber. ‘No’ is a word that has not been easy for me because I am such a people pleaser, and understanding the power of ‘no’ was something I had to understand and respectfully begin to use. Her presentation was life-changing and is allowing me to create better time management and be in charge of my own destiny.”
Celeste Ducharme, CK Self Storage Property Manager; Rancon Ambassador;
January 2015 Upside Thinking Mentor of the Year




“Kelly Orchard is truly inspiring! I had the opportunity to book her for an event with The Alliance for Women in Media, where she gave a talk on the “Power of No.” The event was a huge success and the feedback from attendees was all positive! She’s very easy and fun to work with too.”
Laura (Behrman) Stotland, Executive Director, Alliance for Women in Media, Southern California Affiliate




“Kelly is very powerful and informative, with GREAT tools to use immediately in your life.”
Liza Vega Tallman, Workshop Participant



“I found Kelly’s book, Heart Lessons, to be inspiring, courageous and life-impacting. Her personal discoveries in surrender, grief, listening, discipline, and patience will not only bless your soul, but bring healing and restoration to your life so you, too, can be free to follow your heart.”
Jeff Crume, Inspirational Speaker, Consultant



“Kelly has great tools for people who are stuck without a strategy to move forward! You have to let go of what holds you back so you can move forward.”  
Sheree Marion, Workshop Participant



“Kelly Orchard’s drive, enthusiasm, and creative process are not only fun to be around but also results-driven. She is the type of person you want in your corner when things are difficult or when feeling stuck, because she knows the way to make things happen, while bringing insight and compassion.”
Barbara Sheehan-Zeidler, MA, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), Littleton, Colorado



I did Kelly’s core values exercise during a workshop and was stunned by the realization that I had allowed so many demands on my time – all worthy obligations – that I spent relatively little time on what I value most in life. I did what it took to make a few changes and now have more energy and a better quality of life.”
Holly Suhi, Workshop Participant