Positive psychology in the workplace changes everything!

Are you becoming your best “self”?  Or are you …

Frustrated at work … overwhelmed because your life is out of balance … stressed by changes in your life or career … finding it difficult to motivate your team … struggling with a relationship … bored … wondering about your purpose?


If you’re not sure what to do about it …

It’s not as bad as it may seem. It’s a sign that you’re ready for growth, All you need is the right tools. Using proven techniques, Kelly will give you tools to use in your everyday life to help you succeed personally and professionally. Kelly is your Performance Coach, with the tools for success.


Kelly’s tools will help you …

▪ Cultivate & plant seeds of growth
▪ Weed out what doesn’t work
▪ Create methods to stimulate continual growth
▪ Prune expectations to make room for success
▪ Identify your goals for success
▪ Focus on solutions rather than problems
▪ Gain new skills
▪ Identify your strengths, values, passions, & possibilities
▪ Learn new ways to approach obstacles
▪ Achieve better balance in your life

If you’re seeking growth and well-being, you need balance …

Just like any ecosystem, garden, home, business, or infrastructure, balance is the foundation of growth. If balance is off by any measure, growth will suffer. Kelly will give you tools to help you identify where and how to create more balance – and success – in your life.

Workshop Facilitator
Mastermind Group Facilitator
Retreat Facilitator
Executive Coach
Group Coach


“Kelly has been my consultant in media for 15 years, and recently coached me through a career transition where she guided me to gain perspective as I helped my team come together and learn to navigate in a workplace that was new to everyone. Kelly has helped me process effective solutions swiftly.”
Stephanie Medina, Senior Vice President, Community Relations, Special Olympics World Games 2015


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