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Turn Your Bad Apples into BadAss Employees

What IS a BadAss? Watch this Video

What are the biggest problems confronting your business today? Cutbacks and tension? Negativity and conflicting personalities? Turnover, difficulty finding the right people and training them? Don’t these all result in the fear of failure – not just for you but also for your employees?

What your team needs is someone to help them overcome the fear of failure. When they learn how to confront their fears and turn them into strengths, they will be able to step into their badass selves!

This is where Kelly comes in. She has 38 years of business experience including sales, operations, management, ownership, and consulting. In addition, Kelly is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, stress, and other behavioral health issues that are so prevalent in today’s business environments. She offers a blend of accessible training and tools that promote personal growth and well-being, simultaneously helping your team actually work together like a team.

Fear Is the #1 Obstacle to Success

           What are you afraid of? 

       Fear of failure is like a format.

We need to flip the format on the fear of failure.

       And that means an attitude adjustment!

You and your employees can be “licensed to be badass”! 

Flipping the format on the Fear of Failure is designed to be fun and memorable, with actionable solutions your team can use right away. So let’s get licensed!



Licensed 2B BADASS: Flipping the Format on the Fear of Failure 

Each of Kelly’s presentations is fully customizable to your organization’s specific needs, and can be presented as a keynote session, breakout session, half- or full-day training, or multi-session coaching agreement.

“When you grow emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, it permeates every aspect of your life – your relationships, success at work, sense of fulfillment – your happiness.” Kelly Orchard

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