How do you become “badass”? Once you’ve watched my video  defining what it means today to be badass—and how becoming “licensed” boosts confidence and credibility—you’ll come to understand how everyone can qualify. It just takes an attitude adjustment to have more faith in yourself, to feel more competent and cool … to be badass. Now, imagine your world surrounded and supported by a crew of Certified and Licensed Badasses!

Yes, you want to:

• Build confidence, purpose, coolness

• Stay motivated and growing

• Increase your positive attitude

• Promote a positive culture at work & home

• Surround yourself with a happy family, relationship, team

• Achieve your dreams & goals

• Be successful!

But, how do you flip the format on fear? With your choice of  Licensed2BBadass programs! 

Group Coaching & Masterminds

• 10-12 week intensive program with integrated tools to become a “Licensed BadAss”

• Longer options  for ongoing support in maintaining or updating your license

Badass Certification Class

• Half-day or full-day class

• Customized for organizations, groups, individuals

• Held several times a year, various locations

Valuable Benefits  

• Individual training, coaching, advising

• Interactive engagement & support

• Fresh solutions, customized to meet your immediate need

• Proven methods that promote change  & transformation

• Insight, guidance, step-by step tools for success

• Webinars & live group sessions

• Digital program – “Seasons of Growth; Tools For Success”

• Apple A Day books providing daily nourishment for wisdom, success and personal growth

  •  B - Be bold, be brave, be confident ... be yourself!

     A - Attitude is everything!

    D - Decide & determine to grow & succeed 

    A - Always be learning about the power of a positive mindset

    S - Steadfastly stay the course  

    S - Succeed in business, relationships, & a badass life! 



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