Top 6 Reasons To Hire Kelly Orchard

Kelly’s strategic coaching and leadership tools are a reliable, repeatable process that has been proven in the workplace.  

Kelly Orchard is an energy-filled storyteller and problem solver.

Kelly is a powerful story-teller – a craft she honed with her three decades in radio as part of family-owned operation, FCC Compliance consulting, and visiting hundreds of broadcast facilities. 

You want an expert who understands the challenges of today’s business climate.  

It would be easy for someone to come in and attempt to show your team how to overcome their issues with negativity, lack of teamwork, communication, and stress, but unless the person has experience in every level of business—sales, operations, management, ownership, and consulting— they won’t speak your language. And they are not likely to understand the deep level of anxiety and depression that can result from the turmoil so common in today’s business environments.

With over 38 years of business experience, Kelly knows that the core problem in most businesses is fear. Kelly will teach you and your team how to confront fears and turn them into strengths. Treating your team as individuals as well as a whole, she will change an attitude of negativity into a culture of positivity.

Kelly is also an experienced psychotherapist, and will incorporate the latest cognitive behavioral therapies that apply to both professional and personal life.

 You want the right solution to your problems, and you want it right now!

The turmoil due to challenges such as downsizing, consolidation, acquisitions, and the need to strike a balance between work and family life, can shake confidence to its core. These challenges also cause conflicts, friction, and tension in your team. People are afraid to take risks. Afraid to speak up. Afraid of getting fired or not promoted. Afraid to stay. Afraid to go.

You need the insights of someone who knows the hurdles and challenges in today’s business climate.

“Kelly is a one of those rare people who can think big and still see the details required to make big things happen. She brings a contagious positivity to the projects she works on. If you want energy, she has it. Ideas, she’s got them. Success, she will deliver it.”

Ginger Ontiveros Executive Director Community Engagement, San Bernardino City Unified School District

You want to hire someone who brings a fresh perspective!

The traditional methods of building teamwork in your organization aren’t working anymore. If they were, you wouldn’t have a problem!

In order to succeed, you must believe you can succeed, because belief determines behaviors. As a psychotherapist, Kelly stays up-to-date with the latest developments in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mastering a positive mindset, bringing that knowledge and insight to your situation.

 “Kelly is a bright talent with a vast knowledge base from all sides of  business. She is able tackle problems and do it in a way that is positive, memorable, and motivating.”

Tracy T. Gilliam – Senior Vice President Sales, Futuri Media

Most business climates need an attitude adjustment, and Kelly is the one who can make that happen! 

Kelly will begin by learning as much about your company as she can, and then apply principles already in action while integrating them with a fresh perspective and actionable solutions. As she works with you, she is able to change course as needed to meet the immediate need.

Kelly maintains ongoing support for your group by providing access to her books, digital programs, webinars, Masterminds, and consulting. Whatever method suits your company, she has the right tools to achieve the greatest results.

“Meeting with Kelly for the first time was like reconnecting with an old friend. Interestingly enough, watching her on stage the next day, she projected that same connection with a ballroom full of women. She was naturally engaging, funny, confident, and endearing. I’d recommend leaning in and having a conversation with this dynamic woman!” 

Dolores Sanchez Badillo, Speaker Chair, San Jacinto Valley Women’s Conference   


You want someone who is able to flip the fears that destroy creativity and innovation.  

Along with being fun and easy to work with, Kelly’s special skills in the field of mental and behavioral health will help your team learn to work well together, thus reducing the high rate of turnover that is typical in many businesses today. She will help you hire the right people and train them right. What she offers is fresh, not the same-old sales training and vanilla leadership, as she helps to inspire new ideas and solutions among your team members. As Kelly puts it, “Attitude determines success. A positive, energetic, “badass” attitude is contagious!

You and your people need to be licensed to be badass.”

You need a program/presentation that will have a direct impact on your team.  

Your investment in Kelly will pay off immediately! Kelly’s program is easy-to follow, lively, and interactive. Most importantly, it will be customized for your company, market, and department. Kelly has a proven track record of driving positive change within teams, organizations and individuals.

“Kelly has been my consultant in media for 15 years, and recently coached me through a career transition where she guided me to gain perspective as I helped my team come together and learn to navigate in a workplace that was new to everyone. Kelly has helped me process effective solutions swiftly.”
Stephanie Medina, Senior Vice President, Community Relations, Special Olympics World Games 2015 

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Kelly Orchard is a professional speaker, author and trainer. In addition to more than 30 years in the business of broadcasting, she has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. Kelly specializes in working with radio groups and individuals in times of trouble, turmoil and transition, by creating a positive and profitable workplace. She is a 2008 graduate of the NABEF Broadcast Leadership Training Program, among others. She is also an FCC Compliance Specialist and licensed psychotherapist. Reach her at